Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.
I’m MAYUMI. I’m working in Iriomote Island as diving instructor.
From April 2017, I left Tokyo which I had lived for 15 years and started living in Iriomote Island.
I was editor and I used to make fashion magazine.
I met diving at the age of 33.
And it was life-changing!!
I was fascinated by underwater world.
I wanted to visit and see a lot of sea that I’ve never seen.
So I quit my job and I went on a trip to Africa & Central America for a year.
(Of course I went diving various places during traveling! )
Finally I arrived at Iriomote Island.
I want international visitors to know how attractive the sea of Iriomote Island is.


The blog title “better DIVE than NEVER” comes from the English proverb “better late than never”.
late = to be late, to do late
never = don’t be, don’t do
For example When I arrive late, I use it in the sense that “It is better to arrive late than not to arrive.”
When I noticed I was at the age 34…
For me,
DIVE = working as a diving instructor
DIVE = Diving into the new world by changing life, work and residence.
Regarding both of these “DIVE”, start is too slow.Even though
I am very aware of that,
“better DIVE than NEVER”
It is better than not doing it.

I don’t think that it is impossible or reckless, but I am feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement.
However, if I take courage and DIVE, I probably can see inimitable views only from there.

Please visit Iriomote Island and let’s dive with me!!