Diving Plan&Price

What do you chose to fully enjoy the wonderful underwater world?

Iriomote Island is one of the world’s best and most famous locations for both snorkeling and diving activities due to its wealth of rich corals and diverse sea life. The waters are calm and clean and very safe for all ages.

Diving & Snorkeling are “must do” in Iriomote Island.

I offers a variety of marine activities on Iriomote Island including fun diving for certified divers, discover scuba diving for guests without a diving license and snorkeling.

Please join for an ocean adventure and let us make your Iriomote’s memories unforgettable!

Introductory Diving

Introductory Diving Iriomote Island

An Introductory Dive is a non-certification dive.

It is intended for people of ages from 10 years old who loves the water, aquatic life and a new challenge!

The purpose of the dive is not to teach you how to dive but to share With you the wonders of the aquatic realm.

The dive is to a maximum depth of 6 meters (18 feet), with me(your own personal qualified instructor) accompanying you. I will operate all the equipment for you.

You don’t need any experience. All you need to do is RELAX & ENJOY the beautiful sea, One of the worlds most famous marine environments. I am by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand.

First we explain you a bit about your equipment, the basic rules of diving and the necessary skills.(30min)

After that we go on a real dive by boat! I’ll choose an easy dive site around Iriomote Island.

Diving time is about 1 hour. Then you’ll have your first experience in scuba diving: feeling weightless, discover a different world and watching fish and corals on our beautiful reef.


Course Price
Half-day Introductory Diving (1 Dive)  12,000 Yen (include all equipment, tea and towel)
One-day Introductory Diving (2 Dives)  17,000 Yen (include all equipment, lunch, tea and towel)

Fun Diving

Diving Iriomote Island

Fun divers are for certified divers only.

There are plenty of dive sites to choose from and diving conditions are assessed daily so I can assure that we visit the safest and best dive sites around Iriomote Island.

I cater for a wide range of levels – from those who are anxious about making their first encounter with the underwater world to seasoned veterans with thousands of dives in their logbooks.

I keep my groups small to ensure that everyone receives plenty of individual attention from the guide and never mix participants with vastly different abilities. Dive groups are kept small with a maximum of 4 divers.


Course Price
2 Fun Dives  19,080 Yen (include all equipment, lunch, tea and towel)
3 Fun Dives  25,580 Yen (include all equipment, lunch, tea and towel)

Please E-mail me for information on discounts available for groups or if you have your own gear.


Snorkeling Iriomote Island

Compared to scuba diving, even the inexperienced can safely enjoy the beautiful waters of Iriomote Island by snorkeling. It is great fun and much cheaper than diving.

You can enjoy popular snorkeling in shallow waters where beautiful coral reefs.

Wear a wet suit, so you can experience the undersea world with peace of mind who are not good at swimming.


Course Price
Half-day Snorkeling (1 place)  6,700 Yen (include all equipment, tea and towel)
One-day Snorkeling (2 places)  9,700 Yen (include all equipment, lunch, tea and towel)


Daily Schedule

Divers can usually expect one dive in the morning and two dives in the afternoon.

8:00~9:00 Pick up your hotel or Uehara Port
9:30 Leave at Funaura Port(Our Port)
10:00 1st diving(or Snorkeling)
11:30~12:30 Return to Funaura Port
12:00~13:00 Lunch Time(On the sea or in Port)
13:00 2nd diving(or Snorkeling)
14:30~15:30 Return to Funaura Port
16:00 3rd diving
17:00~17:30 Return to Funaura Port

*Dive itineraries adapt to currents and conditions, seasonal marine visitors and the diving requirements of those on board.

*Because of the weather or the condition of the sea, the tour can be change or canceled.

*Please let me know if you have any requests.

Do you need more information?

Diving Sites around Ieiomote Island

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seasonality about diving around Ieiomote Island

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My Diving Style

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