Diving in Iriomote Island

Let’s create safe, fun, unforgettable memories underwater!!

If you are thinking about travel in Iriomote Island, then diving is something you should try.

The Dive could have been anywhere in the world, but is placed here, in Iriomote Island, for many reasons.

A vast coral reef lagoon, Sekisei Shouko, broadens between Iriomote and ishigaki Islands. Over 400 types of coral are found in the protected marine area set by Ministry of the Environment.

We can find many kinds of coral, tropical sea creatures and diving or snorkeling points!!

Even if we have a strong wind, the reef protects the sea. Because of that, we have a low wave so we can go to the sea for diving or snorkeling.

I love this island and diving. Diving is a big part of life in Iriomote Island, but not a dive factory. This is important for The Dive.

As a diver, I will give you the best possible service and experience. I can offer you diving that is rich in marine life, corals and colors.

You want to know more in detail about Diving in Iriomote Island,
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Everything you need to know about diving in Iriomote Island.

Diving Plan&Price

Pro to Beginner divers, Blank divers, Non-divers are welcome!
There’s a wide variety of Diving Plan to enjoy underwater world.

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Diving Site

Iriomote Island is known for its clear visibility, rich sea life and vibrant coral reefs.
Divers here can discover a variety of dive sites that suit all levels of experience.

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Diving Style

Fun & Safe diving is the top priority, so my diving is slowly, relax and non-stress.
I introduce a typical daily schedule for the diving trip.

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When is the best time to dive in Iriomote Island? The best answer is, anytime is a good time to dive! I will introduce the highlights of each season.

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